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  • It's time to go!

    You are welcome at the English Week which is devoted to the greatest event in the history of our country, the 22nd Winter Olympic Games.

    7th February - 23rd February


    Sochi 2014 is the first Winter Games in Russia. They are also one of the most compact in Winter Olympic history.

    You may take part in our English Competition. What you need is only send you answers for the tasks till the 17th of February.

  • Ancient Olympic Games

    As you know the Olympic Games began in ancient times. Check your knowledge in our test.

  • What is it to be a professional sportsman?

    Of course, all of you are interested in professional sport. But do you know what it is to be a professional sportsman?

    Listen to the famous sportsman and do the tasks.

  • Modern Olympic Games

    • The Results

      We congratulate all the participants of the English Language Week.

      The winner - Nazimova Anzhelika

      The 2nd place - Kravchuk Anna

      Tne 3rd place - Solovyeva Anastasia, Vlasikhina Anastasia

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